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 provides professional transcription services. Our skillful transcriptionists can convert your spoken language source materials into written form accurately and with a keen sensitivity to the spoken idiom.

We can transcribe from an array of analog and digital formats: audiotapes, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, podcasts and more.

All transcriptions are verified and reviewed to ensure accuracy and consistency, and we maintain strict confidentiality on all source materials sent to us.


Business events


Panel discussions


Lectures and seminars

Frequently asked questions

Need to Consult about transcription possibilities?

We gladly help you to elaborate the possibilities of transcription services. Live translations ask for carefully planned preparations. Straightforward transscription from spoken source to written source is relatively easier.

Do I need special equipment?

It depends. For live transcription, for example during a conference of seminar we need special equipment. We can advise you in what and how. For transcription from prerecorded formats we do not need special equipment. We translate to any format of your preference.

What are the costs?

The costs depend on the kind of service. For live translations every 20 minutes the translater is switched. Other services involve less resources. The price varies accordingly.
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