Latin America Specialists

Translations into over 30 Languages

MF Translations' translaters are based in their home countries where they keep in touch with how languages are used. Our database of linguists spans a wide range of subject matter areas, and linguists are segregated in our roster by their experience, subject knowledge, use of tools etc., so that we can apply resources matching the demands of each project.

Furthermore, our DTP (Desktop Publishing) department will guarantee you that translated files keep their format, graphics, font type, design, etc; so translated document is a true copy of the original document.

Extra value is added by use of our Computer-Assisted Translation Tool. Our CAT tool splits large multilingual documents into segments (phrases & paragraphs) which are stored in a database. This is called 'translation memory', which means that previously translated material can be reused at any time.
The most commonly requested languages include:

English (en-GB and en-US), Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)

For these languages we add 'the extra mile' for we understand the culture and context of the translations involved.

Portuguese (pt-PT), French (fr-FR and ca-FR), Italian, German, Spanish (es-ES), and other major European languages

We have an office in Europe, The Netherlands. Please call, mail or visit us.

Chinese (zh-CN, zh-HK and zh-TW), Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asia

With more than 10 years of experience in these language area's, we can exceed your expectations.

How we work

5-Step Quality Assurance Process

All translation projects undergo a multi-layered process of checks and reviews in order to ensure the highest degree of quality. Over the years, we've developed a 5-Step Quality Assurance process that enables us to deliver spot-on translations and the highest quality output.



Our Project Managers completes a review of the overall scope of the project using the following criteria: Target Language/Audience, Subject matter, turnaround time, glossaries (if applicable). It is at this point in the project life cycle that the Project Manager also identifies any typos, inconsistencies, missing text, etc. in the source document or any other area requiring client clarification.


At this stage, the Project Manager places the translation with an appropriately qualified and experienced target language translator, based on the content and translator's subject matter expertise. All MF Translation linguistics are completely bilingual and have extensive background and/or training from renowned institutions, in addition to familiarity with your industry-specific terminologies.


The translation is edited and proofread by a second, and equally qualified, professional translator/editor for grammatical and syntactic accuracy and appropriateness of style and for possible omissions. The editor then works with the original translator to decide which changes to implement.


The translated material is formatted by our formatter to match the layout of the original source layout with the target file.


The translated and formatted document is now submitted to the client. Our PM will make sure the layout, page numbers, proper names and other details match your source document one last time before delivery. It's our endeavor to ensure client's satisfaction every time!